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I currently have six titles that are available online, with several others in the works. Here are the first six:

The Grief and Loss Facilitator's Manual contains everything a group leader needs to facilitate a 10-week grief and loss support group for students or clients ages 12 to adult. The manual includes step-by-step activities, detailed lesson plans, handouts, support group guidelines, tips for effective group facilitation, a sample group flyer and parent permission slip, and ASCA standards for those who are facilitating a school-based support group.

The group sessions include a discussion of different types of losses, a loss checklist, the five stages of grief, five steps to take in addressing a loss, unsent letter templates, grab bag questions, and suggestions for creating a collage or other artwork to facilitate the healing process. For those who already own my earlier resource book, Tools for Your Emotional Health Toolbox, this manual includes updated lesson plans, objectives, standards, handouts, and an easier-to-read font for all materials.

Tools For Your Emotional Health Toolbox is a practical, hands-on resource with more than 290 pages full of ideas, how-tos, activities, worksheets, detailed lesson plans, and informational handouts. The activities can be used by teachers, school counselors, group facilitators, therapists, social workers, parents, or anyone else who has an interest in emotional health or personal growth.

For more information, or to purchase this book, click on the picture of the cover above.

Ten Real Tools For Real Life is a practical, hands-on, personal growth workbook for teens and adults. You can use it to learn and practice ten essential skills for self-awareness, managing feelings and stress, improving communication, and creating healthier relationships.

The workbook can be used by individuals or families, as well as in the classroom, in support groups, in counseling sessions, in treatment centers, or in detention facilities. Anyone who has an interest in personal growth can benefit from this workbook and these ten tools.

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Is It Yours Yet? is the response to a request I’ve heard repeatedly from students and clients who’ve completed my earlier workbook, Ten Real Tools For Real Life. Many people have said that they enjoyed and appreciated the first workbook, but that they needed a structured way to practice using the ten tools so the whole process would become more automatic, and a more natural part of their daily lives.

This workbook offers 90 days of practice, with the most commonly used tools practiced more often, and the rest rotated in periodically. By the time you’ve completed these 90 days, you will definitely have honed your basic skills of self-awareness, managing emotions, communicating clearly, being true to yourself, and having healthier relationships with others.

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Release Your Grief, Balance Your Life is a workbook for teens and adults, designed to help you (or your students or clients) walk through the grief process, and find relief, closure, peace, and balance after experiencing a loss. The workbook includes information about grief, loss, and trauma, the five stages of grief, and five clear steps to take to address a specific loss.

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Balance Your Brain With EFT is a clear, detailed resource book, designed to help you identify areas of brain imbalance that get in your way -- worrying, obsessing, stress, anxiety, procrastination, ADD, and many other common issues.

You'll learn about the five systems of the brain and the basics of EFT, and you'll have the opportunity to fill out a detailed checklist of symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and patterns to help you determine where EFT may be the most helpful to you. You'll also get completely scripted EFT rounds for use on a daily or weekly basis, and over 190 pages of specific EFT rounds that address every item from the initial checklist.

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Please check back for updates to this page. I have several workbook projects currently in the works.

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Thanks for your brilliant book, Tools For Your Emotional Health Toolbox. This book is a wonderful tool and as a counselor working with emotionally disturbed and at-risk students, I found its lessons almost more valid than my actual credential education. No kidding!

As a result of using this book, my journey as a K–8th grade counselor is significantly easier and more rewarding. Thanks to you. Your book is user-friendly, applicable, and practical. I recommended this book to all our district's counselors. They love it. I believe now that as a result of using your book, I have found a secret to reaching many students I work with daily.

~ Jennifer Aaron, LPC, Goodyear, Arizona

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tools For Your Emotional Health Toolbox is a phenomenal resource for any junior high or high school counselor, or anyone who works with adolescents. The activities that are provided in this book are turn-key; you do not have to think too much about how to put them in place. All of the instructions and handouts are available for you. The only thing you have to do is figure which activity best suits the group of students or the individual you are working with...

Guidance counselors who use the format of these lessons will find students who are actively engaged and who are thinking about how to make themselves a strong and emotionally healthy person. The activities in this book will help everyone from the new counselor to a counselor who has been working with students for many years. This is a resource book that is worth your investment!

~ Donna Lundberg, Guidance Counselor, Peoria Unified School District, Peoria, AZ

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am a school counselor and work with students in grades K-8th. I have found the Tools For Your Emotional Health Toolbox to be my most used resource for group work, community building activities, and communication skill building. I have used the activities in small groups, mediations, classrooms, and individual counseling.

I have added the dealing with gossip lessons into my Bullying Prevention Program and incorporated several of the lessons and activities into my 7th and 8th grade Future Planning and Career Development Program. I find the students really respond positively to the way the lessons are taught. I would recommend this book to the new counselor just starting out and the seasoned counselor looking for new ideas.

~ Melanie Fortino, MC/MFT, School Counselor, Goodyear, AZ

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From using "I" Statements and understanding how to deal with anger, to learning the difference between communication styles and how to set healthy boundaries, [Ten Real Tools For Real Life] is an excellent resource for teenagers and/or adults to use with family members, friends, and/or counselors as a way of interactively and successfully dealing with various aspects of every day life.

~ Joe Small, Phoenix, AZ

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[Ten Real Tools For Real Life] is a book that needs to be placed front and center on your book shelf. Indeed, the content of this book is the cream of the crop for skills that will enhance your own life and well as enrich the work you do in your roles as teachers, counselors, and parents. Simple but not always easy, the more you use the ten tools in this book, the more significant the benefits. Susan Hansen has compiled best practices that work!

~ Nancy Ronan, Counselor and Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~