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The School Counseling Zone is here as a resource for school counselors at all levels, as well as for other educators, parents, students, and anyone else interested in students' happiness, well-being, and success.

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Self-Care For School Counselors
Self-care for school counselors is an absolute must. We need to build our energy reserves so we can stay healthy and have something left to give!
Counseling Overview For K-12 School Counselors
Here's an overview of school counseling information for current or future school counselors.
Ethics and Legal Issues in School Counseling
School counselors face many challenges in the arena of law and ethics. Here are some tips for staying ethical and legal on the job.
Support Groups in School Counseling
Support groups are a great use of a school counselor's time, and they benefit everyone involved. Here's some information to get you started.
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Here are some of the books and e-books available from Susan Hansen.
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